With the tablet, smartphone and laptop you already have, investing for a good watch is, probably, an absurd idea for you. Maybe you’re thinking why on earth you would spend hundreds of dollars for a smart watch if your other gadgets can provide you the same functionality. To know what a smart watch is, here are some of its functions that you may find useful in your day-to-day life.

Smart watch can improve health

Smart watches are said to provide health and fitness data. Unlike smartphones, which are very bulky for gym sessions or jogging, smart watches contains all your fitness-related data without being too bulky. You can monitor your calorie intake, heart rate and count your steps with just this compact gadget on your wrist.

Extend Phone’s Battery

Smart watches can be synced to smart phones, making it easier for you to check if somebody texted or called you without checking your phone. While your smart watch does all the checking, your smartphone’s activities are now reduced and its battery life span extended.

Info is just a glance away

With all of the beeping and buzzing of your phone, a smart watch will inform you at a glance which messages need urgent respond and which calls need to be picked up. You will also be informed of the weather forecast without the hassle of logging in to your mobile phone. With a smart watch, you don’t have to unlock your phone every now and then only to find out that your Facebook friend asked for energy for his Farmville.

The US is a perfect destination for art aficionados as there are several sophisticated art museums from California to New York.

de Young Museum

Located in San Francisco, California, the de Young Museum is famous for its collection of American Art. This fine arts institution boasts of a broad art collection extending from the 20th century art to pre-Columbian times. Not only that, this museum also includes art from Oceania and a textile collection with more than 13,000 kinds.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts prides itself in its clever preservation of more than 450,000 artworks. This museum is renowned for its collections of Egyptian Art, American Art, as well as French Impressionist paintings. In addition to that, it also houses Japanese and Chinese art collections.

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois emphasizes Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art. Situated in the city’s Grant Park, this distinguished museum also highlights a broad collection of African American art.

National Gallery of Art

Located in Washington, DC, the National Gallery of Art is the national collection of fine art of the United States. Established in 1937, the museum houses American and European art collections, as well as modern art. The museum has also preserved the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the Americas, which is the portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art houses a massive collection of Modern art. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the remodelled galleries of the museum are ideal places for contemporary art exhibitions. The walls of the museum are full of 20th century paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock, and Rousseau.

Singapore’s economy has been gauged as being the most open, innovative and competitive economy in the world by the Global competitiveness Index (2009-2010). The 2011 World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index ranks Singapore as the best country in the world to do business. In 2010, Singapore, with a real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of more than fourteen percent was the third fastest growing economy in the world. None of the above statistics have been bettered by any of Singapore’s other south-east Asian neighbours.
So can Singapore’s Economy be called the Tiger of South-East Asia? Its true that a tiger may not possess the title of “king of the Jungle” – that goes to the lion. However, the majesty of the tiger does not depend on titles, territorial dominance or the like – It is the most favoured symbol of soldiers, warriors and kings because of its ability to fight like no other being on earth can. In a similar vein, though Indonesia (the only south-east Asian country that can be, practically speaking, said to be a competitor to Singapore) may be a part of the G-20 group of major economies while Singapore is not, it is in no way a valid indication of any form of supremacy over the Singapore economy. The economy of Singapore is a unique fusion of government intervention in micro-management and active protection of the principles of free market so unique in its nature that it is called the “Singapore Model”.

An economy acclaimed to be the most clean, market friendly and corruption free; a unique and ingenious economic model tailored for its own needs; an economic model that has withstood with an awe-inspiring stubbornness the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 2008 global financial meltdown and bounced back in a manner even more astounding-both times; a competition forced to trumpet the most minor leads as major victories- markings of a tiger if ever there was one.

Kitty mentioned before that she would have liked to visit Singapore. Singapore is what people describes as a Southeast Asian city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and as an island country consisting of sixty three-islands . Its English name – Singapore has been derived from the Malay word – “Singapura” which means “Lion City” in Sanskrit, though there have been no evidence of lions ever existing in that area and the creature sighted by its founder – Sang Nila Utama, who named the place, was probably a Tiger. Its political setup is what political theorists call a parliamentary republic with a Westminster system of unicameral parliamentary government with the political landscape being dominated by the People’s Action Party (PAP) which has won every election since the country was allowed self-determination in 1959. Its population consists mainly of people of Chinese, Indian and Malay descent (Chinese and Indian since Singapore was formerly a British Colony).

Singapore is a country that has a highly developed market-based economy. The rate of its growth can be gauged by the fact that very little of its original rainforests remain as most of it has been ravaged by rapid urbanization to the extent that more land has to be made available by various processes of land reclamation. The Global Financial Centres Index puts Singapore at number four among the world’s leading financial centres. Singapore’s port is the fifth-busiest in the world and its foreign reserves are the tenth largest in the world (with all the countries forming the European Union being counted as one).

Kitty Carlisle Hart was a versatile performer from the 90s. Some of her professions included Broadway performer, arts patron, actress, opera singer, and many many more. She was an American icon, and even during her last years, she traveled across states from New York to Los Angeles for her show. Unfortunately, during her final year, she passed away from congestive heart failure, after developing pneumonia. Her show ended in the end of 2006, and passed away in 2007 April.

The official site of Kitty Carlisle will be her last glimmer as one of America’s beacon of light.  In New York City, a state which she loved, she supported the development of the arts and cultural institutions. A beautiful and elegant wordpress theme is being displayed on the site to remember the once charming life that she led. She was also the Chairman of Governor Rockefeller’s Conference on Women, but never stopped enthralling audiences as an entertainer. On New Year’s Eve 1966, she made her metropolitan debut, and joined the production tour group that following year. Of which many ardent fans of hers are seen taking advance payday loans due to poor finances just to catch her debut and shows. This has led to a bigger increase in her traffic audience. Some of her entertainment gigs included ‘Kiss Me Kate’, a summer stock play, as well as ‘Light Up the Sky’, produced by her husband. She also was with the Philadelphia Orchestra for a concert in her later years.

The reasons of how she became famous in the United States started from the small screen. She was a regular panelist in the quiz show ‘To Tell the Truth’ for about 20 years, and on every single revamp from 1956 to 2002, she appeared on the screen. Many have even went online to perform a transfer of her shows and music albums. This has led a pretty good surge of her songs being downloaded to ipod as well. She was well known for her contagious laugh, a hairstyle not unlike Prince Valiant as well as long couture gowns, which added a regal posh to those simple television entertainment games. Her appearances in games shows anchored her in the hearts of many Americans, including some other popular variants like ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ and ‘What’s My Line?’.

She did not limit herself to gameshows, but initially tried out films. After some trial and error, she realized that acting in films were not her cup of tea, and decided to return to theatre. She married Moss Hart and was the leading actress in many of his shows. Moss at one time did consider but later on decided not to although the pharmacy technician job prospects were pretty good in the good and bad times. When he passed away in 1961, she did not remarry, instead mentioning that she had the best and there was no need to fiddle around.

New York was her beloved home. After stints in Paris, she and her mother went back to the state and grew their roots from there. She managed to obtain radio projects and did a musical, as Rio Rita. She appeared in many small operas from then. Some have even went on to UK to put out a claim for themselves just so to catch her show. Previously, in Paris, she has trained at the Theatre de l’Atelier, giving her the much needed exposure to acting to form her foundation. Her adult education was formed in numerous countries; Rome, London, Switzerland and Paris. Her global exposure made her very discerning and intellectual, even till her end days. We will always have Kitty Carlisle in our hearts here, your source for all things about the actress who charmed the United States.

About Kitty Carlise

Kitty Carlise was an American performer whose contributions to the performing arts scene in America, will be forever remembered.