With the tablet, smartphone and laptop you already have, investing for a good watch is, probably, an absurd idea for you. Maybe you’re thinking why on earth you would spend hundreds of dollars for a smart watch if your other gadgets can provide you the same functionality. To know what a smart watch is, here are some of its functions that you may find useful in your day-to-day life.

Smart watch can improve health

Smart watches are said to provide health and fitness data. Unlike smartphones, which are very bulky for gym sessions or jogging, smart watches contains all your fitness-related data without being too bulky. You can monitor your calorie intake, heart rate and count your steps with just this compact gadget on your wrist.

Extend Phone’s Battery

Smart watches can be synced to smart phones, making it easier for you to check if somebody texted or called you without checking your phone. While your smart watch does all the checking, your smartphone’s activities are now reduced and its battery life span extended.

Info is just a glance away

With all of the beeping and buzzing of your phone, a smart watch will inform you at a glance which messages need urgent respond and which calls need to be picked up. You will also be informed of the weather forecast without the hassle of logging in to your mobile phone. With a smart watch, you don’t have to unlock your phone every now and then only to find out that your Facebook friend asked for energy for his Farmville.